Internal Family systems (IFS)

Trainer:  Andrea & Marion Wandel (online seminar)



This 2 days seminar offers you the opportunity to learn how to work with IFS (Internal Family System - Richard Schwartz) in a refined combination with Constallationwork. With the supportive framework of the group we will attentively explore the landscape of inner realities.


Through this training we will create space and structure for an inner journey of self exploration to understand the deeper forces in our inner family system. We will take time to represent the inside world to the outside world through observation and a body based approach with the common tool of constellation work.


The main goal will be to structure and to understand the inner parts of our internal family system. We will learn how to communicate and to take care of these inner voices and realities.

Through talks and exercises we will discover a new way of how to look inside and to get to know the different characters.  


An exciting process!

Marion writes:

I see my job as helping you to disentangle yourSelf from your parts and access yourSelf, which can then connect with each part and heal it, so that the parts can let go of their destructive roles and enter into a harmonious collaboration, led by yourSelf.

Everyone has a true self or spiritual center, known as the Self to distinguish it from the parts. Even people whose experience is dominated by parts have access to this Self and its healing qualities of curiosity, connection, compassion, and calmness. 


The training invites you to increase the knowledge and intimacy with yourself and to deepen your self connection through understanding who you really are.



  • Everyone who wants to learn more about his/her Inner Family System
  • Trainer
  • Phychotherapist
  • Coach
  • ...


1.      Overview about the Inner Parts

2.      Overview about the “SELF “ (= teachings (talks))

3.      Exercises towards inner parts

4.      Different kind of Meditation to recognize the spiritual nature of SELF




This is a 2-days  online course, lasting from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm all 2 days.

New dates will be announced as soon as we know.

The participant’s fee is 420 Euro excl. VAT. (508.20 Euro VAT included)  Lunches and beverages are included in the price.

We want that our programs are accessible for everyone.  If the price will be a problem, please let us by sending a mail to  

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