Whether you go for an individual session, a Time & Space session or a workshop, your transformation won’t be long in coming. Of course, every individual has their own path, but I’d like to share a few testimonies with you from participants before you, to give you a firmer idea of what’s on offer.


I learned to feel more profoundly

"Wanting to eat more and more... feeling a void that HAS to be filled. I have a dormant trauma. I want to know why I do what I do. But you don´t need to be surgical; you can heal by feeling. I attended a session with Ann-Kasra and learned to feel more profoundly. I was asked where I wanted to sit. "Feel whether you´re comfortable sitting there... How far apart shall we sit? Shall I come closer, or not? What do you need?"

The blankets werde tucked tightly around me, as I wanted. I wanted to feel even more pressure, and that was administered lightly. I felt safely protected..."