Allow me to introduce myself.


My name, Ann-Kasra, might sound out of the ordinary, but I’m perfectly happy with that. Ann is the name my parents gave me, and for me, it’s closely bound up with my head, the rational side of my personality. It was during a training session with Michael Barnett that I was given the name Kasra, which means ‘universal centre’, and that’s how this website got its name. This is the name which brings me into contact with my body and my feelings. Together, both names bring me harmony and balance.


Throughout my life, I’ve been keenly interested in people, how they relate to others and how they live. Why does a person behave today in the manner we can observe? What events made them the person they are today? These kind of questions, after I’d been studying them and working on them myself for years, brought me to my focus on dealing with trauma.


I know from personal experience that nothing can really be taken for granted in life, and that you don’t have to solve all your issues on your own. That was the insight that brought me to understand my mission, which is helping others make more profound contact with themselves and with the people around them.


Dragon flies are a wonderful example of this work, which is why I made a considered choice to use them as my website image. What attracts me about dragonflies is how, whether alone or together, they bring a unique dynamic into being: they create connections with each other and also with nature. Even so, I’m a bit wary of them, and that’s exactly the strength of the message: even things you’re afraid of at first can turn out to be beautiful!

Training courses and teachers

Naturally, I don’t stand still in my own personal development, either. It’s what keeps me alert and eager to learn. Below are the training courses and teachers who have imparted a great deal of wisdom, insight and knowledge to me.


2017 - 2019

Dr Asaf Rolef Ben Shahar

Touching The Relational Edge: On-going training in Relational Body   Psychotherapy, London, UK


2016 – 2017      

Andrea Wandel

Advanced Trauma Training – The ear and The Autonomic Nervous System + Toxic Shame, Belgium


2015 – 2016    

Andrea Wandel

Self Connection – NTI NLP Instituut Limmen, Nederland


2015 – 2016

PSI Institute

Online Trauma Course, USA



Andrea Wandel

Trauma Training – Healing of Preverbal Trauma, Belgium


2008 – 2010    

Michael Barnett

Energy Training – Flower of Love, Denzelingen, Germany


2007 – 2009    

Quinx & Taking Wing

Leading By Being, Kapelle-op-den-Bos, Belgium


Different other short workshops and educations given by Dr. Dipl. Psych. Johannes B. Schmidt, Dr. PhD Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar, Andrea Wandel, Michael Barnett en Quinx since 2006.


my mission and vision

Our life is full of twists and turns. At times, it’s hard graft and heavy going, and at others, we let ourselves be carried along on waves of plenty. The impressions, experiences and habits that we accumulate and learn along life’s way will inevitably prove to be either a blessing or a curse later on.


When the time finally comes that we trip over an obstacle from our past, we’ve long since forgotten what and who it was that shaped us into what we are today. What we do notice in our experience, however, is sluggish resistance, blocks within ourselves and recurrent problems. The trauma that underlies this very much can be healed.


What are the results? You’ll feel freer, stronger and more conscious. You’ll know your own boundaries, will have the courage to choose what you truly want, and will travel much more lightly through life from now on. Conversations, exercises and work on the body are the tools I use to guide you to a life of energy and calm. In my work, I always respect your individuality, preferences and tempo, and at no tinme will I ever be judgmental about you or your life choices.