Have you lost your life energy somewhere along the way? Do you feel that you’ve got stuck in a rut and can’t see your way out of it? Are there unresolved issues in your life that you’re now determined to tackle?
The problems you’re struggling with today have causes in the past. It’s my passion to give you insights into those roots and help you solve the issues. Individual sessions and open workshops will bring you a little closer to your true self each time.


Find out which type of session suits you best!


If you would value a sheltered and safe environment in which to reflect on the course of your life, an individual session is a great way to start out. Here, you will be given the time and space you need to share in your own way, to allow yourself to feel feelings, and to zoom in on issues.

Sometimes, an old wound is deep and still raw. For these situations, a Time & Space session is a way to heal. Here, we work profoundly, even without necessarily involving physical contact. You don’t always have to speak in these sessions.

Group sharing of life stories and experiences strengthens you. In workshops, we take a particular theme and tackle it. Workshop time is divided between theory, exercises and working on the body, in a safe learning environment.